Samsung develops WM-communicator GT-i8000

February 16, 2009, 6:30 am

samsung develops wm-communicator gt-i8000   Before the start of the World Mobile Congress in the Network, a large amount of information about new Samsung, prepared for the event. It would seem that all the Samsung products are already covered in one way or another until the official announcement, but there were previously undisclosed details about the Samsung GT-i8000.
This model was certified Wi-Fi. It was established on the base operating system Windows Mobile 6. 1. Information on technical or functional components of yet. One can only assume that a high index indicates the availability of advanced components - WVGA-screen, 8-MP camera platform and NVIDIA Tegra. In the future, the system Samsung GT-i8000 certainly be upgraded to Windows Mobile version 6. 5.


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