Samsung has released a 50-nm DDR3-ins volume 16 GB

March 20, 2009, 8:58 pm

   Announced back in September last year, 50-nm memory chips dvuhgigabitnye finally found the use of ready-to-use end-user devices - RIMM-capacity modules 8 and 16 GB. New modules have already shipped to customers.
New items differ by a number of features that make a difference against the background of the outcome of their competitors. According to the manufacturer, the new memory modules are the most compact devices in its class. In addition, they operate with supply voltage of 1, 35, that allows you to save roughly 20% of electricity compared with models with a voltage of 1, 5 W. New items have a capacity of 1066 megabits per second. With their help, can be equipped with a dual-server system RAM 192 GB volume.
To achieve the maximum capacity 16 Gb technology dvuhkristallnoy package (dual-die package). In standard configuration, you can create modules with capacity up to 8 GB.
According to IDC, in 2009 the share of the global market for DDR3 DRAM-memory reaches 29% (for gigabit chips). Further, this segment will actively develop and by 2011, DDR3 will be hold on the market 75%. Dvuhgigabitnye DDR3 chips in the current year will total 3%, but in 2011 analysts expect an increase in their share to 33%.


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