Samsung HT-TKH725:theater with speakers from seaweed

April 2, 2009, 2:07 pm

samsung ht-tkh725:theater with speakers from seaweed 
samsung ht-tkh725:theater with speakers from seaweed   The company Samsung Electronics has added a large family of home theater new model HT-TKH725 performed in the style of the company`s Crystal Design. Thanks to this new combined perfectly with modern TVs Samsung, which also uses Crystal Design - remember its key feature is the characteristic ruby ebb.
HT-TKH725 is not only attractive appearance, but also has good characteristics. Over the sound processor is responsible company DNSe. To create the best sound stage it is only required to include a special microphone and press the auto on the remote control - the system will set the balance and the delay.
Smart Volume feature eliminates the difference in volume between the different scenes of the film, and Sound Quality Improving the option to improve sound quality MP3-files. Also in the arsenal of HT-TKH725 is a system of Power Bass, helps to achieve maximum sound quality bass. Another interesting feature of the dynamics are made from marine algae. According to Samsung, they are significantly less distorted sound and environmentally safe.
In the Samsung HT-TKH725 the function transforming a standard video signal in Full HD resolution 1080r. This allows you to bring the quality of conventional DVD-ROM drive for HD-level image content. Drive home theater does not support playback of discs Blu-ray, but the HDMI input you can connect to a VD player, PC or videopristavku. HT-TKH725 has a USB-port, which makes it possible to watch video from an external hard drive, or connect any portable device. In addition, by using Bluetooth-module can broadcast music from portable devices to home theater without wires.
New product targeted at users who are not yet ready to spend money on expensive discs Blu-ray, but want to get the highest picture quality. Another advantage of HT-TKX725 is the availability of functions and karaoke CD for the 4000 song that comes in the kit.
On the timing of the sale of new items not available, but given the Russian issue a press release in our stores the new cinema will be very soon.


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