Samsung will make memory DDR3-popular

April 23, 2009, 10:35 am

samsung will make memory ddr3-popular   Gradually, the standard DDR3 memory is transferred from the category of solutions to the sector masthead computing systems into a mainstream product. In other words, there is growing demand for memory modules and, of course, integrated circuits DDR3-memory. This development can not take advantage of manufacturers of DRAM-microchips which provided an excellent opportunity to increase the output of relevant products. It comes as the company Samsung, announced its intention to increase the quantity produced 50-nm chips of RAM standard DDR3.
Microprocessor 50-nm memory capacity of 2 Gb Samsung
The main purpose of the South Korean company is the desire to take advantage of high demand for these semiconductor devices, due to release of the server processor series Intel Xeon 5500. According to Samsung, DDR3 memory standard will allow developers to increase the volume of servers installed RAM up to 192 gigabytes on a machine, to optimize the power consumption of computer systems, and doubling the memory subsystem performance, as compared with systems based on memory standard DDR2.
To date, approximately forty 50-nm products of Samsung, it is only DDR3-memory, are certified to work with the Xeon 5500 platform. The list includes such solutions as chip RAM capacity of 1 gigabit and 2, registered memory modules with capacity 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 gigabytes, nebuferizovannye DIMM-modules of 1, 2 and 4 gigabytes. Memory chips can operate at speeds of 800, 1066 and 1333 Mbit/s, while showing 40% less energy than a 60-nm memory chips standard DDR3.
It is predicted the South Korean chipmeykera, DDR3-operative will become the mainstream memory solution in the market of DRAM-decisions by the end of the year. Still, some experts do not agree with this view, making the arrival of DDR3 in weight for the next year.


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