Samsung predicted growth of sensory and AMOLED panels

April 21, 2009, 7:30 am

   In the opinion of the Vice-President of the company Samsung Mobile Display Wu Jon Lee (Woo Jong Lee), in the near future expected growth of industry active-matrix OLED-displays and in 2015 their market share of about 37, 5%. Note, now they are on the market only 2, 3%.
As the representative of Samsung, in his speech at Finetech Japan 2009, mobile phones, equipped with AMOLED-display with touch panel, will be on sale later this year. Moreover, these displays can be used in laptops Class High-End.
predicted the South Korean manufacturer, in this year`s total shipments of panels of small and medium size is 1, 4 billion, while the touch panel will be shipped to all 175 million in 2010, the market will be 1, 44 billion of panels, which sensor would have had 242 million in 2013, the proportion of touch panels has reached 50%.


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