Samsung is preparing its own LTE-and WiMAX-chips

December 30, 2008, 1:32 pm

   South Korean company Samsung plans to soon expand the range of integrated circuits produced silicon chips advanced wireless data Long Term Evolution (LTE) and WiMax. The devices, according to the expectations of developers, can be used in portable electronic devices that support the new standards of communication.
The main advantages of future new products must be low cost chips, as well as support for various multimedia functions. Chips will be used including in mobile phones, Samsung, which means that the support of 4G-networks will be relatively cheap - no need to implement the royalties to third-party companies as compensation for the use of their decisions.
At the moment, the South Korean company holds the supply of single copies of WiMAX-chips are not only our own engineers, but also by a third-party developers. The Korean giant also wants to become one of the first chipmeykerov, released on the world market, LTE-chips, but there is no certainty that the first commercial vehicles with the support of Samsung communication standard Long Term Evolution, will be equipped with chips of Samsung.
Note that the South Korean company a long time working with Qualcomm, getting her wireless chips. In the past year in the list of partners Samsung came as the company Broadcom and Infineon.


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