Samsung sold more than 5 million tachfonov F480

March 11, 2009, 6:12 pm

samsung sold more than 5 million tachfonov f480   In the catalog of many Samsung phones with touch control. In 2008, the manufacturer shipped to the market more than 10 million tachfonov, representing a quarter of the market of devices with tachskrinami.
The other day the South Korean company otraportovala that edition Samsung F480 was 5 million units. This single interface is staffed TouchWiz. Released in May 2008, and thus, Samsung sold 500 thousand monthly F480.
This year, Samsung intends to consolidate the success and expand market share. For this purpose, will be released a lot of devices with finger control, which fall into different price segments. The leaders of 2009 will slider UltraTOUCH, monoblock OmniaHD, able to record HD-video, and, perhaps, the first Android-phone Samsung.


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