Samsung start serial production of GDDR5 memory on 50-nm technology

March 19, 2009, 9:52 am

samsung start serial production of gddr5 memory on 50-nm technology   Press-service of company Samsung Electronics formally announced the start of mass production of GDDR5 memory chips in accordance with 50-nm technology standards, which, according to the developers, to meet the growing demand for high-performance device for a PC video card, graphics cards and gaming consoles.
As reported, the new Samsung memory supports a maximum data transfer rate of 7, 0 Gbit/s and a maximum bandwidth 28 Gb/s (by the way, the figure of the previous GDDR4 memory from Samsung was 12, 8 GB/c). This indicates that, thanks to ultra-speed GDDR5 memory supports the latest formats for storing data (such as Blu-ray and Full HD).
In contrast to the standard of GDDR4, which for data processing and graphics technology used strobiruyuschih synchronization and clock pulses, a significant increase in the speed of GDDR5 is achieved through the use of an independent master oscillator, which does not require synchronization of read/write operations with clock pulses.
The introduction of 50-nm technology, it is estimated the company would increase the efficiency of production by 100% compared to the 60-nm production methods. In addition, the memory chips GDDR5, working with the supply voltage, 1 35 V, consuming 20% less electricity than standard equipment GDDR4 (1, 8).
The new devices are offered in the form of plug-ins to the scheme of 32Mx32, but also can be configured and 64Mh32. It was expected that the proportion of GDDR5 chips on the market of graphics memory in the current year will exceed 20%. Another pointed out that the company plans before the end of 2009 to convert all video production devices at 50-nm production methods.


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