SanDisk offered"yardstick"for solid state storage

March 4, 2008, 4:17 pm

   With all its merits, solid drives have a limited resource by the number of read-write cycles, but so far there was no generally accepted figure that would enable the device to objectively compare different models and manufacturers. Although the unit for flash memory chip definition of a similar measure has long mastered producers, it can not be mechanically transferred to SSD-drives in general, because in that case further influenced by the realization specifics controller devices and some other factors. The company SanDisk offered to enter into an industry standard setting"long-term resistance data"(Longterm Data Endurance, LDE), to reduce the expected lifespan solid drive to one number.
According idea SanDisk, LDE rate will be mainly based on the total number of terabytes, which will be able to record SSD-drive during the term of its operation (Terabytes written, TBW). In addition to other information in its announcements SanDisk led curious figure, obtained by researchers of Bapco, as a description of activity"professional PC user", accompanied by recording 87 gigabytes per week.
The representatives of industry, in particular - the company Seagate, to participate actively in the work of the group Jedec JC-64, supported the need to impose some uniform characteristics that can show"endurance"SSD-drives. However, there is no certainty that this characteristic as it is adopted LDE.


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