Sanuel Family 2009:Family program for the financial accounting

April 16, 2009, 1:22 pm

sanuel family 2009:family program for the financial accounting   The new version of the program for home bookkeeping Sanuel Family. Since Sanuel Family - a family program, then there is the possibility to keep track of income and expenditure of each family member. Anyone can write their own costs. If you prefer, you can put a password on your account. In doing so, the costs will still remain visible to others, but nobody will be able to record the program on your behalf. To each user can view a chart the ratio of income and expenses. One of the interesting features, which deals with planning costs - is budgeting. Making it possible to identify the sources and amount of projected revenue, as well as how much money, and that you will spend. Then you can assess how your actual consumption differs from the plan and think about what you can save. Established budgets, and you`ll see the difference between income and expenditure.
The latest version of hundreds of updates, from new sections to the smallest features and amenities. Among them are:
  • Completely redesigned the look and functionality of the main page;
  • Improved all modules (budget, expenses, calendar, tags, etc. );
  • New modules to the main page:cash flow and your capital;
  • Added support for the shares;
  • Improved look and feel and ergonomics create an account;
  • Improved account:deposits, loans , property;
  • Added the ability to comment to each account;
  • Now you can plan and budget for the entire year at once;
  • Added option to spend money on that ? ;
  • Now you can predict on the budget;
  • Now you can schedule transfers, as revenues and expenses;
  • completely changed the appearance of currency values.
Developer:LLC Senyuel Distributed:shareware, to $ 15 Operating system:Windows All Size 7 MB Download from here you can.


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