Sapphire FirePSU 625W:BP debut from a partner AMD

July 17, 2008, 11:41 am

sapphire firepsu 625w:bp debut from a partner amd   Late last year, the company Sapphire Technology, authoritative producer of graphics cards and the right partner AMD/ATI, entered the digital photo market debut with three models. Difficult to judge how good it was this step. Nevertheless, the company continues to try themselves in new industries.
According to an official press release, in an assortment Sapphire line of computer power supplies FirePSU. It is noted that new sources focused primarily on segment workstations designed for handling graphics. Closely associated with AMD`s very professional producing boosters, suggests that this system will be based on AMD Opteron server processors and graphics accelerators from series ATI FireGL, FireMV or FirePro. The high capacity, reliability, stability and support EPS12V standards of nutrition and ATX 12V v2. 3 will enable new sources with the same success in the work of serious professional decisions and modern gaming desktop with CrossFireX or SLI.
Let`s look closer flagship of the new line, a modular unit FirePSU 625W. In the title of model encrypted information on one of the main parameters of such devices - a total power output, which is modified for older 625 Watts. The developers of Sapphire declare the high efficiency units FirePSU. According to their data, efficiency of the model 625 W power lies within 82-85%, which is allowed to obtain certificate of compliance of environmental standards 80 Plus. Through the scheme active power factor correction (Active PFC) to power factor (PF) has been achieved values 0, 99. At the needs of consumers on bus 12 in three independent channels are capable of total capacity up to 500 Watts. It is also known about the scheme developed protection against over voltage, on current and short circuits, which protects the power supply and consumers in various freelance situations.
Vyglyadyat new sources of Sapphire very respectable. They met in stylish aluminum shells. The propulsion elements cooled"slow"120-mm fans with LED illumination. Speed automatically change depending on the pressure and temperature inside the unit. For model FirePSU 625W speed Cooling may lie within 450-2000 rpm. One must believe in small loads, this source will operate almost silently.


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