The scientists decided to add to the smell of the game

April 30, 2009, 9:38 am

the scientists decided to add to the smell of the game   Modern video games are increasingly flirt with new types of accessories. Read more in this regard came Nintendo, released Wii console with innovative management. But modern engineering is unwilling to stop there and ready to conquer new horizons unexplored.
For example, for the PC are going to make a special machine, which will stream odors depending on what is happening in your favorite game. This project is the University of Birmingham research team, led by Professor Bob Stone (Bob Stone), has previously worked on some games. At this time, experts tested his invention to work with a lot of home PC-projects constructed on the base of Half Life and Far Cry.
The basis of the instrument on the principle of interaction of solid paraffin with numerous flavors. Using a combination of data elements they are able to simulate the smell and the huge number of phenomena:from gunpowder to the burned rubber on the track. The mere aroma is produced through a dedicated fan of the game is triggered when a certain trigger.
The most interesting thing is that part of this initiative funded by the Ministry of Defense. In the future, the technology is not going to use so much in games, but in the most difficult military training simulations.


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