Screenshots shooter MAG are in the network

April 6, 2009, 6:31 pm

screenshots shooter mag are in the networkscreenshots shooter mag are in the network 
screenshots shooter mag are in the network   MAG (Massive Action Game) - brand-new exclusive for the PlayStation 3, which is being developed by Zipper Interactive Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. In fact, the title perfectly describes the very genre of the product. This is a great shooter, designed for multiplayer mode. It is anticipated that one session will be able to participate up to 256 people.
Until recently, this product has been known very little. Only recently, the network has something interesnenkoe. In particular, the site allegedly posted a Flickr set of screenshots MAG. Pictures look very authentic, but still wonder how they got into the network. Maybe this is part of a special viral ad campaign Sony ?
MAG promised to release this year.
  • New screenshots of MAG.


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