Sean Maloney in Moscow

November 5, 2008, 4:44 pm

sean maloney in moscow   Industry waiting for hard times, but at Intel they are ready - the phrase has become perhaps the key speech in a responsible vice-president of Intel marketing Sean Maloney (Sean Maloney), visited Moscow at the end of October. It should be noted that the arrival of Sean Maloney in Russia unless zakonomeren, then forward. Unlike the vast majority of other companies, including those working in the field of high technology company Intel sees Russia not only as a market for. Even in the early 90`s of the last century - a time when Russia`s economy not only stood up on his feet, but not even formed plainly - the company`s investment in Russia, including organizing a research center. Currently, Intel research centers in Russia and is now five, according to the company, they play in the Intel is not the last role. It would be appropriate to note that in 2008, Alfa-Bank and the Business School at Oxford University`s Said handed the company`s Intel Award of Merit in the field of foreign investment in Russia.
It is therefore not surprising that a lot of questions from journalists at a press conference organized on the occasion of the arrival Sean Maloney, referred to the economic situation. I can definitely say that at present, Intel has no plans to reduce personnel and, moreover, reduce the rate of development - said Sean Maloney. He said the company Intel has always maintained a certain fiscal conservatism, which makes it much more stable and allows you to continue to invest even in established markets unfortunate situation. This is not the first time of economic downturn, which overcomes our company, and not the last. We were ready for it. - Sean remarked.
According to Shona, the Intel suggest that the demand for computing will remain virtually unchanged and will not depend on the crisis (in fact, categorically certain crises Sean prefers the more true in fact recession). It is anticipated that although the proportion of high-value products in total sales decline, the total number of chips sold, and first and foremost, processors do not fall too seriously. And one of the most important engines of the Internet industry will remain - the number of users worldwide network will only grow, and therefore will continue to grow and the number of devices used for access. This area - one of the key for the company, which is why so much effort is invested in the development of WiMAX and new standards for Wi-Fi.
In this context, interesting to evaluate the role of microchips Atom - low-cost PC aimed precisely at the device to access the network. However, Sean Maloney strongly rejected the idea that these processors were developed as a means of crisis. The main feature underlying the concept of processors Atom, was and remains low power consumption necessary for mobile devices. Originally, we were not even sure whether the position will this CPU as the basis for communicators or netbukov. Addressing the positioning and related technical issues took about six months. Further development of a family of Atom will go on the road to sustained growth in productivity, with constant or even reduced energy consumption. The primary role it will play, obviously, the introduction of new technology manufacturing process with 32-nm design rules.
Summarizing the meeting, Shaun Maloney again said that the sudden shift course the company has no plans. Intel long-term strategy and, accordingly, originally built over a possible recession. Sean - an Englishman and illustrated the opinion of the economy to fluctuations in the English proverb:We always know what will be rain. And we always know that it end.


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