Secret disperse Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition up to 6 GHz

December 20, 2008, 2:18 pm

secret disperse phenom ii x4 940 black edition up to 6 ghz   Our moneybox knowledge of the acceleration capabilities of processors Phenom II updated with new information almost every day. Strengthened the belief that the potential frequency processors Phenom II has improved, compared with Phenom. Even competitor drew attention to this fact. Not clear is how similarly the latest 45-nm processors from AMD managed to overcome the fear of frost. The answer to that question is, the representatives of the Finnish team.
Two enthusiast Sampsa and SF3D were invited to the city of Chicago for the sole purpose disperse processor Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition. The company AMD has provided for the 5 processors with different stepingami. In the experiment involved two motherboards production Gigabyte, based on the logic of AMD 790GX. Given the limitations of time, overklokery able to show the following results.
  • All processors have been operational, with negative temperatures and dispersed more than 6 1 GHz;
  • The maximum acceleration of all four cores without the use of different tweaks at 6280 MHz;
  • Motherboards Gigabyte different zavidnoy stability disperse processors up to 6 GHz;
  • The optimal operating voltage power to disperse more than 6 GHz processor is 1, 95;
  • in processor tests such disciplines as 3DMark 2005 and 2006 stability was observed at a frequency equal to 6 GHz processor, and Crysis game at a 6 1 GHz;
  • Air cooling provides the stability at a frequency of 4, 13 GHz and operating voltage 1, 58 W.

In the view of enthusiasts in the transition HyperTransport bus 3. 0 to 1. 0 able to cure processors Phenom II from the fear of low temperatures. Thus, to reduce to 1 GHz frequency bus HyperTransport gives green light to extreme disperse processors Phenom II.
Overklokery recorded a small video that will tell about their heroic Poxozhdenija.


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