Secret level editor in the PC-version of Braid

April 16, 2009, 3:37 pm

secret level editor in the pc-version of braid   The creator of unusual platformera/Blou pazzla Jonathan (Jonathan Blow) has announced that the PC-version of the famous game really hidden secret level editor. About the author said in one of the branches at a forum Steam. The developer also said that the documentation for the editor will be available online after the new patch. New option to open only after the complete passage of toys.
In addition, Blou overlaid on the primary editor on a blog Braid. With this, gamers can already start to build its own space-time puzzles. With the new program, the author expects to extend the life of his creations.
In the future, Blou is also planning to add the ability to type in the game their own images from Photoshop, to try to diversify the already superb graphics.
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