Secret plans ASUS:23 models Eee PC for every taste

April 30, 2008, 3:16 am

secret plans asus:23 models eee pc for every taste   In the hands of journalists popular Internet resource Engadget hit"clandestine"slide presentation company ASUSTeK Computer, which told a lot about plans for the development of product line Eee PC. As it turned out, ASUS plans to expand the range netbukov to 23 models, which will make the selection more flexible for users.
All models will be divided into three classes:Ultimate, PRO Fashion and Smart Causal. Netbuki class of Ultimate, which will include Eee PC S91 and S101, will focus on demanding users willing to pay for a combination of a thin shell, small weight and uncompromising performance. Category PRO Fashion models will include 1000H, 1002SA, 1002HA, T101. The target audience for this class covers netbukov users who need a reliable working horse for assistance in professional activities.
Obviously, the most massive segment will be Smart Casual. These include, in addition to the already produces models also Eee PC 701SD-4G, various modifications Eee PC 900 series. Netbuki this class geared to children, students, travelers. We can assume that it is Smart Casual representatives will have the most attractive prices among all netbukov Eee PC.


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