Secure external vinchestery IO Data Series HDPS-U

December 1, 2008, 10:30 am

secure external vinchestery io data series hdps-u   The range produced by IO Data products, new portable external vinchestery series HDPS-U, based on the hard disks in the form factor of 2, 5 inches and with a capacity of 160, 250, 320 and 500 GB.
devices weighing up to 170 g placed in attractive solid corps, reliably protecting them from mechanical damage, are offered in black or white and are connected to a computer on a USB 2. 0. In doing so drives are very good rates of speed reading and writing data, which accounted for 43 Mb/s and 39 Mb/s, respectively.
Sales in the territory of Japan, new items will appear in mid-December and depending on the amount of disk space will cost $ 109, $ 120, $ 165 or $ 220.


• I-O Data HDPS-U 500GB
• I-O Data hdps-u series
• I-O data HDPS-U speed
• I-O DATA HDPS-U USB device
• I-O DATA, HDPS-U series (500GB) spec
• I.O Data hdps.u
• io data 500GB HDPS-U series
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