Sega issued a patent for a new RPG

April 25, 2009, 12:21 pm

sega issued a patent for a new rpg   The company Sega issued a new patent for a new RPG. At least, so believe the western journalists. Recently the company was indeed a surprising warmth refers to the genre, publishing 7th Dragon, Sands of Destruction, Phantasy Star Portable, and the steep End of Eternity.
Siliconera alleges that the company has patented several names:Resonance of Time (Japan) and the Resonance of Fate (U. S. ). They say that this may be alternative names for the same End of Eternity.
However, no guarantee that this is the RPG. For example, the first Fighting Bleach for DS in the United States called the Blade of Fate. With the same success, the sequel could be called the Resonance of Time/Fate. In general, do not run ahead and wait for the official announcement.
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