Seiko Epson has developed a 3D-displays for phones

May 24, 2008, 3:53 am

seiko epson has developed a 3d-displays for phones 
seiko epson has developed a 3d-displays for phones   Japanese company Seiko Epson presented a 3D-display for mobile phones. The new device allows you to show three-dimensional images without the use of special glasses. The physical size of the screen is rather modest (2, 57 - inch diagonal), but permit high (1024 # 215, 768, 500 pixels per inch). Seiko Epson plans to begin commercial distribution of produce in the next two years.
device used special lenticular lens through which images can be viewed from different angles. Most lens consists of a huge number of small convex lenses (each does not exceed in size a few pixels). To form a three-dimensional image should be a few cameras (up to 8 pieces), which remove the object from different angles. Then the resulting images disassembled and placed on the pixels on the display after a small processing.
Due to the fact that right and left eyes see a picture from different angles, the final picture looks three-dimensional. The very technique is not new. It was established back in the 19 century but effectively use it in practice in mobile phones succeeded only now.


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