Seiko has developed a portable energy source

November 27, 2008, 6:53 am

seiko has developed a portable energy sourceseiko has developed a portable energy sourceseiko has developed a portable energy source 
seiko has developed a portable energy source   Wireless chargers for mobile electronics only under development and not ready to conquer the world market. But the emergence of such devices on sale much easier life of an ordinary user, because it makes it possible to not only complete abandonment of wires, but times and built several models of portable batteries electronics, regardless of manufacturer, as well as several times an adapter types of devices (mobile phone multimedia player, etc. ).
But most importantly, that the devices for wireless charging of electronic devices already are in the process of manufacture working prototypes to evaluate the functionality and prospects for development. Active in the development of wireless charging devices including Japanese company Seiko Epson, as well as helping it to developments Japanese Murata Manufacturing. The fruits of their joint activities of both companies have demonstrated at the local exhibition Embedded Technology 2008.
The main exhibits were of charging stations AT150 and AT25 capacity of 15, 0 and 2 watts, 5 watts, respectively. To restore charge Embedded in portable electronic devices of their batteries, appliances, just put the top wireless adapter. Note that the efficiency and AT150, and AT25 is 70%.
But the most interesting yet to come - both by charging represent a completely wireless device, which is located inside the lithium-ion battery capacity of 2000 mAh. Systems serve as a solution for interim storage of energy - through the same wireless technology is implemented charge of battery charge Embedded AT150 and AT25, which then transmit the stored energy of portable electronic equipment.
According to the information provided about the immediate plans of the Japanese company Seiko Epson is already mass-producing AT25, but more powerful solutions AT150 will expect better times. However, as another newcomer - the intermediate model designation AT50 (capacity, respectively, 5, 0 W).


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