Semi-2008, hot Top20:from Intel to NVIDIA

December 4, 2008, 3:41 pm

semi-2008, hot top20:from intel to nvidia   The company iSuppli, which specializes in marketing studies and forecasts the development of IT-industry, issued a preliminary rating of 2008 for the twenty leading global manufacturers of semiconductors.
Times are tough now, but five leaders in 2007 did not allow competitors to change of power, and in 2008 Top20 led by the same company that a year ago:first place for Intel, the second for Samsung, followed by Texas Instruments , Toshiba and STMicroelectronics. Other companies - manufacturers of graphics processors and whose names appear daily on hearsay, not even entered the top ten:AMD in this rating is 11 line, NVIDIA interconnects the list at the last 20 positions.
More of this year affected the company, mainly engaged in production of memory chips:for example, the South Korean Hynix moved from 6 to 9 position, and Micron Technology from 15 to 16 positions. Both companies, incidentally, is currently engaged in a major restructuring:Micron suspend the production and manufacture of dismissal, Hynix is looking for additional investment. It is expected that the results of 2008, Micron announced the 9, 2 per cent drop in revenue, while revenue Hynix, according to iSuppli, may be reduced even at 29%.
However, the decline in profits will affect many people, even Samsung Electronics, the world`s largest producer of memory, this year expects about 9 1% decline in sales. A major manufacturer of flash memory company Toshiba also lose about 5, 9% of revenues compared to last year, although will remain at 4 honorable place ranking.
line below this year will be known German company Infineon. Tenth place in the ranking and minus 15% of sales - the deal Infineon, dedicated chips for the automotive industry and communications, but also suffered from falling revenue from sales through its memory unit Qimonda.
In general, according to preliminary data analyst iSuppli, the global downturn in the semiconductor industry sales for 2008 will amount to approximately 2%, mainly - through 16, 9-percent decline in revenue from sales of memory chips. Only two companies from 29 leading world producer of memory will remain on the results of 2008 in the black. For equity also worth noting that the decrease in demand in 2008 affected not only the memory market. The graph clearly shows that six of the leading manufacturers of top ten ranking is likely to announce a decline in sales, including Texas Instruments, Renesas Technology and Sony.
There is comfort at least that 16, 9% decline in sales of semiconductor memory in 2008, far less dramatic than with the appalling results of 2001, when the drop was 48, 2%.
I have one spoonful of honey from analysts - things are not bad at all. Thus, significantly in the past year, the company corrected its business Qualcomm, which, in anticipation of 19, 6% growth in sales in 2008, peremahnula with 13 places at once on the 8 place.


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