Sent 217 thousand SMS per month - a new record ?

April 24, 2009, 7:31 am

sent 217 thousand sms per month - a new record ?   Two buddies from the U. S. state of Pennsylvania, 29-year-old Nick Andes (Nick Andes) and the 30-year-old Doug Klinger (Doug Klinger), obtained by for attempting to place a text record for $ 26 thousand
For the month of friends sent each other astronomical number of messages:This is a 7 thousand 217 thousand SMS per day or 583 SMS per hour. What kind of phones they are not reported. I would be good advertising producers.
record saying that the billing - certainly an error, because their phones are connected to the unlimited SMS-rate T-Mobile. Now mobile operator is conducting an investigation. According to Nick, the majority of messages consisted of short phrases or single words, and type LOL Hello.


• Nick Andes and 30-year-old Doug Klinger,
• record sms per month
• sms per nick
• thousand sms
• thousand sms a day
• 217 thousand
• sent217
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