Server desyatitysyachniki WD VelociRaptor volume of 300 GB

July 11, 2008, 3:01 am

server desyatitysyachniki wd velociraptor volume of 300 gb   WesternDigital company officially announced the start of supply of high performance hard drives WD VelociRaptor, designed for powerful personal computers and server systems and workstations. What are these devices ? First, this high-speed disks spindle speed of 10 000 rpm;secondly, the foundation were 2, 5 - inch hard drives concluded in the hull form factor 3, 5 inches, with the bulk of its frame WD IcePak, effectively otvodyaschy heat from the rapid and, hence, the hot device.
However, the main purpose of the IcePak - is not cooling the hard drive and work as adapters to be installed in a standard hard drive bay. Also note that the company offers exactly the same option 2, 5 - inch hard drive VelociRaptor and without frames IcePak.
hard drive specs WD VelociRaptor:
  • Gb/300 volume of 150 GB drives;
  • speed spindle 10 000 rpm;
  • support SATA interface with bandwidth 3 Gbit/s;
  • buffer, 16 megabytes;
  • average of the delays 5, 5 ms;
  • search time with the reading of data - 4, 2 ms, while writing - 4, 7 ms;
  • power consumption while reading/writing data -- 6, 08 watts in standby mode - 4, 53 watts;
  • noise - up to 36 dB.


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