Service coined in anticipation of the bus

February 12, 2009, 9:59 am

service coined in anticipation of the bus   The actual time of arrival of buses is different from the calendar, even in a law-abiding American. Weary waiting for retarded transport exacerbates the uncertainty of actual arrival time, which makes it possible to leave the territory and to stop the forced timeout, for example, in an adjacent cafe. This state of affairs inspired Brian Ferris (Brian Ferris), graduate of the University of Washington, the idea to organize a service to determine the actual time of arrival route buses.
Last year, Ferris, with the support of his friend, Kerry Watkins (Kari Watkins), implemented a service OneBusAway, which allows to specify time of arrival route buses in Seattle and Chicago. Access to information of interest may be obtained through the website or by telephone, in which case the reply will deliver a synthesized voice. Notably, the financing of the project amounted to $ 70 spent by the Ferris at the domain registration and acquisition of software for voice synthesis. However, for interfacing with the telephone network it was able to take advantage of the relevant free service and receive data from an already existing dispatching system MyBus.
Nevertheless, it should be recognized - Ferris very skillfully brought together the means at its disposal, which confirms the use of statistics OneBusAway. Since June last year, the service handled nearly 20 thousand phone calls, and daily attendance of a site reached by thousands of users per day, and this is without any expressed by the advertising company on promotion. One of the possible directions of further development of their offspring inventor sees the development of services of the best routes through the comparison of the actual movements of different transport, with the introduction of a database of information on the location of various facilities - restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, etc.


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