The service life of LED-lamps increased to 100 thousand hours

April 22, 2009, 5:16 pm

the service life of led-lamps increased to 100 thousand hours 
the service life of led-lamps increased to 100 thousand hours   Kaga Components Co. , Ltd. provided a power supply for LED (LED) light source with a lifetime of more than 100 thousand hours (or more than 11 years of continuous operation). This device is still in development and was first shown in the exhibition industry in April, said the company. Electrolytic capacitor was removed from the chain to achieve a lifetime of more than 100 thousand hours. At the same time, the food chain has been reduced.
The sources of light with the LEDs are expected to be widely disseminated in the near future, as people are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of various factors. However, while the service life of LEDs, the main component of the light sources of this type range from 30 000 to 40 000 hours, and the existing power supply of 10 000 hours. The relatively lower value of the power supply due to electrolytic capacitors, which are a resource of 10 000 hours.
From left - power supply unit with an extended service life, the right - Previous changed
details the design and scheme of the new chain has not yet been released, because more patents are obtained, however, it is known that removal of the electrolytic capacitor has been made possible thanks to the finalization of the structure of the chain pulsed power source. With these changes the size of the food chain has been reduced, and the dimensions of the power source of 43 x 29 x 8 mm. This device may be used for power of one to five connected LED-sources at the input voltage of 100 V or 200 V. The maximum output parameters of 20 in at a constant current of 300 mA. It is equipped with a mute function and protection against short circuits.
The company offers two types of ustroysva, insulated and bare. Price will depend on the size of the order and the order of 5-6 U. S. dollars, in line with the prices of existing models on the market.


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