Service Nokia Comes With Music in the UK has failed

April 25, 2009, 7:32 am

service nokia comes with music in the uk has failed 
service nokia comes with music in the uk has failed   Nokia tries to attract attention as the content provider of music was not successful, at least in the UK. Since last year, for the moment there are only 23 thousand users of the service Comes With Music, reports Music Ally. And that given that the UK was one of the first countries to the initiative and the market displayed a model with a free music subscription for 12 or 18 months.
The representative of Music Ally said that this failure. Nokia Comes With Music to move the media as active as any other music service. This is a great disappointment for the music industry, said Paul Brindli (Paul Brindley) at the conference Association of Independent Music in London.
Tim Grimsditch (Tim Grimsditch), head of Product Marketing for Nokia Music, did not confirm the words Brindli, stating that numbers of users have not been made public, and he could not confirm them. This is a new business model, it applies to the five markets, and the data refer to only one - added Grimsditch.
When connecting to Nokia Comes With Music, you can download an unlimited number of songs on the phone during the period of subscription. In some countries, the price of subscription is included in the price of the phone.
It is possible that one of the possible reasons for the weak interest of the British in the Comes With Music is a digital protection. Technology of Digital Rights Management (DRM) can not copy files to other media. Not so long ago, Apple decided to meet the users and has withdrawn from all DRM music from the huge library of iTunes store.
People want to do with the acquisition of all the music they want. Others ask:Why can not I download music (from Comes With Music) to the iPod ? . Clearly, Nokia presses on users that they rejected the iPod, - believes Brindli.
The success of Nokia phones on the market offers many opportunities for various initiatives. Muzofony sold millions, but the service unpopular. So, the problem in the service and approach to customers. In Russia, the launch of Comes With Music could take place at the end of the year.


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