A set of anchorage Socket LGA1366 for cooler Cooler Master

November 17, 2008, 7:21 pm

a set of anchorage socket lga1366 for cooler cooler master 
a set of anchorage socket lga1366 for cooler cooler master   Unwilling to lag behind competitors, the company Cooler Master also issued a special set of anchorage for implement some of its compatibility with the new processor fan connector Socket LGA1366.
As the information appears on the official site of the manufacturer, thanks to set Cooler Master Socket LGA1366 Retention Bracket Set cooling system Cooler Master V8, Cooler Master Hyper Z600, Cooler Master Hyper Z600R, Cooler Master Hyper N620, Cooler Master Hyper N520, Cooler Master Hyper 212 and Cooler Master Geminii S can now be successfully applied to effectively lower the temperature of processors Intel Core i7 at microarchitecture Nehalem.
Now you only find out whether a new set of anchorage provided by the owners of the above-mentioned products for free or for the acquisition will have to pay any particular amount of money.


• Cooler Master Socket LGA1366 Retention Bracket Set
• smartphone 6620
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