Set a world record performance in the field of photonics

December 11, 2008, 9:58 am

   Researchers at Intel these days boast of regular advances in silicon photonics (Silicon Photonics), setting a world record performance by a system based on silicon avalanche photodiode (Avalanche Photodetector, APD ), To reduce costs and increasing performance compared with other normal production optical devices.
Kremnievaya Photonics - developing advanced technology, in which an ordinary silicon used to transmit and receive optical information between computers and other electronic devices.
Sverhbystraya data transfer will be essential for the future of computers equipped with multi-processors. A data transmission technique based on silicon photonics will also help create affordable high-performance computing systems krupnoseriynye.
The joint use of these technologies may lead to the creation of new types of digital devices with increased performance compared to solutions available today.
The group, under the leadership of Intel researchers developed a silicon avalanche photodiode - sensitive photodetectors to detect light and strengthen the weak light signals to silicon receiver. In developing this device APD used silicon cells and technology CMOS. Quality amplifier allows operation at frequencies up to 340 GHz - the best result ever achieved in the APD. The new device allows you to create low-cost fiber cables with data transfer speeds of 40 Gb/s and above.


• Athlon X2 avalanche photodiode
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