Shareholders to sue the NVIDIA

September 12, 2008, 1:43 pm

shareholders to sue the nvidia   Recently, the company is experiencing NVIDIA is not the best times - a number of reasons have resulted in a failed second quarter of 2008, when one of the world`s leading developers of graphics processors, graphics cards, system logic and cost processors lost about $ 120 million of the whole spectrum of causes of individual words deserves problem with the defect graphics processors - errors in the technology korpusirovki microchips lead to potential overheating chips and close them down. The company so far has spent hundreds of millions of dollars for the replacement brakovannyh products. But the situation does not improve thinks - according to some information, such a defect is typical for 55 - nm graphics processor.
Moreover, the plan added technological problems and the problem with shareholders NVIDIA, who filed the latest in court. The main argument of the plaintiffs - developers graphics processor aware of the existence of defects in products as early as last year, but no official statements on this matter has not been done. In their view, information about the high rate of failure was a graphics processor developers, not later than November 2007, but instead of informing shareholders about the problems the company has chosen to remain silent.
Thus, for at least eight months of information concealed from investors who have invested their money in, in their view, prosperous enterprise. Getting timely information would allow shareholders to properly assess risks and significantly reduce the amount of investment, or completely abandon them.
Declining shares NVIDIA
Of course, at the time of the promulgation of relevant information, officials of the company`s shares NVIDIA enterprises dramatically collapsed. Whether litigation at the company`s financial performance depends largely on a court decision, but is already clear that the situation California developers graphics processor can be described as difficult, including through the success of chief rival, issued a series of highly successful products ATI Radeon HD 4000, from entry-level graphics cards, finishing with a dual graphics cards, adapters are the most productive to date.


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