Sharkoon Flexi-Drive S2S - SSD-drive their hands

November 6, 2008, 9:36 pm

sharkoon flexi-drive s2s - ssd-drive their handssharkoon flexi-drive s2s - ssd-drive their hands 
sharkoon flexi-drive s2s - ssd-drive their hands   Solid drives on the basis of integrated circuits flash memory still too expensive to become a fully fledged alternative to the traditional mobile, and not only mobile, the hard drive. However, the benefits of solid state drives - the low noise level during operation, low power consumption, etc. - none of the users do not have refused, so much so that this opportunity already exists. The fact is that the company Sharkoon is an interesting novelty - a device Sharkoon Flexi-Drive S2S, which is in fact an adapter to connect to a mobile computer up to six memory card format SDHC. Carriers are installed in special connectors for printed circuit boards, which in turn is placed in a metal case 2, 5-inch form factor. To connect directly to PC interface uses SATA.
By Sharkoon Flexi-Drive S2S user at the moment can arrange storage of up to 192 GB, while self-selecting a memory card with a good fit for him characteristics:cost, speed indicators, etc. Preliminary testing has shown that the performance of this flash drive, using maps of Class 6, is at the next level:140 Mb/s while reading data and up to 115 Mb/s when recording information.
devices Sharkoon Flexi-Drive S2S has been on sale at a price of 80 euros.
- Two portable external kardridera of Sharkoon;- Samsung has proposed SSD-capacity disks 0, 41 Watts.


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