Sharp introduced a universal display for home technology

September 30, 2008, 9:22 am

sharp introduced a universal display for home technologysharp introduced a universal display for home technologysharp introduced a universal display for home technologysharp introduced a universal display for home technology 
sharp introduced a universal display for home technology   Sharp Corp. provided a graphic controller integrated circuit (LR35503), which unites the withdrawal of the image management LCD part of the kernel processor.
The use of color display that displays the necessary information, significantly increases the perception - said Eydzhi Ikura (Eiji Ikuta), the Assistant Chief of the Division of Product Areas System devices Sharp. However, the cost of components needed to build a color display is too high. Therefore, we have combined a minimum number of necessary functions in one chip, its introduction into the household appliances adds color display graphical information.
If we improve the characteristics of even higher, the cost will increase and barriers to market acceptance of color LCD panels is not deleted - said Masashi Shiomi (Masashi Shiomi), assistant manager of the Department of Planning Areas System devices in the Electronic Components and Devices company Sharp. We are focused on defining the limits of restrictions on the functions to lower prices while adding color display.
LCD controller supports displays with QVGA-resolution images of the withdrawal is implemented in JPEG format to reduce the amount of memory. In addition, using two-layer substrate. Through these decisions, and use the LCD display with dot matrix, the cost of components close to a given project.
kernel Z80 with an operating frequency 27 MHz, JPEG-codec chip and graphics combined. Graphic of the ability to display images from a size 16 x 8 to 320 x 240 pixels, the background image depicting a maximum 512 x 256 pixels and up to 64 icons size of 8 x 8 or 16 x 16 with a refresh 30 frames per second. As in the old gaming consoles, the screen displayed preset templates, arranged in a line - explains Shiomi. Chip supports special effects, such as the disappearance (fading) or overlay images. There is a possibility for a video specification ITU601.
The core of Z80 determines the image that will be shown on each screen and transmits the data to graphics chips. Since this requires a small computing resources, Sharp has established a working frequency of the processor at 27 MHz. Graphics chip collect information from the nucleus Z80, interacts with flash memory, which stores images and displays them on screen after a process of decoding. Since this system does not require an external screen random access, there is another opportunity to reduce costs, claimed to Sharp.
The supply of samples and launch full production scheduled for mid-September and October, respectively. The price will be about $ 28. The first product from LR35503 became the new model series ovens Sharp Healsio. The device can display photos of recipes and cooking information on technologies through the graphical user interface in accordance with the ongoing operations.


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