Sharp is ready to produce solar cells with efficiency 9%

October 6, 2008, 2:13 pm

sharp is ready to produce solar cells with efficiency 9%   The company Sharp announced the completion of the installation of production lines for the production of thin-film solar cells on the second-generation factory Katsugari Plant. As noted, the new line-suited to working with the glass substrate 100x140 cm, which are about 2, 7 times more space than conventional panels 56h92, 5, see
Product line will produce solar cells already this month . It is expected that the total power produced annually elements of 160 MW.
The new second-generation solar cells are energy conversion efficiency of 9% and high output power 128 Watts. With the transformation in the glass substrate of a larger format succeeded in reducing the cost of production. In the new equipment company Sharp has invested 22 billion Japanese yen, or about $ 209 million
In the future, the company plans to install another food line at a new factory which will produce thin-film solar cells with efficiency of 10%. Annual total power produced in this line of products is estimated at 480 MW. Investment in the project is 72 billion yen (or $ 683, 6 million).


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