Shkval new models of Toshiba notebook PCs based on Intel and AMD Puma

March 1, 2008, 8:49 am

shkval new models of toshiba notebook pcs based on intel and amd puma   Press Service units in Europe, Toshiba announced the upgrading in line laptops Satellite. In the third quarter on the Russian market the company presented a wide selection of notebooks series Satellite - selling more than 30 configurations.
presented a model based on platforms like Intel, and on the decisions of AMD. The processor is Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 equipped with 17"Satellite P300-19L, 15, 4"A300-1EI and A300-1GN, as well as 13, 3"U400-13K and U400-138. The last pair completed with a built-graphics Intel, while the remainder include adapters ATI.
The five configurations of various models built on a platform of AMD Puma. Thus, the new Athlon QL60 will work laptops Satellite L300D-11M, L350D-10X and A300D-14P. In two configurations Satelliete A300D-156 and A300D-158 installed respectively AMD Turion X2 and AMD Turion X2 Ultra, as well as discrete graphics ATI Radeon HD 3650.
The entire range of Toshiba Satellite notebooks will be available to Russian buyer already in August.


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