SideWinder X3 - Budget Mouse from Microsoft for gamers

April 15, 2009, 6:21 pm

sidewinder x3 - budget mouse from microsoft for gamers 
sidewinder x3 - budget mouse from microsoft for gamers   Thinking of the needs of more efficient fans of virtual battle, Microsoft has released a very affordable gaming computer mouse, SideWinder X3, which is due to ergonomic design of the building as suitable for right-or left-hander for.
The device with dimensions of 120, 4 x 70, 2 x 40, 8 mm is connected to a computer via USB and is equipped with a laser positioning system. This novelty is a special sole Wide Glide Feet, and is equipped with eight function buttons (including rubber scroll wheel), five of which are programmable and allow the three to change the resolution of the crane fly between 400, 800 and 2000 dpi.
In the sale of the product value of $ 40 will be in May of this year.


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