Sinterra launched commercial service of the first mobile WiMAX-network

January 21, 2009, 7:23 pm

   WiMAX-network is slowly but surely increasing in Russia. Recently, at the hearing from the residents of the two capitals has been with the company Skartel project Yota, which has carried out several months of test operation of mobile WiMAX network in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
operator Sinterra today announced the introduction of commercial exploitation of the first mobile WiMAX-networks in Russia. Reported that the network was launched in the development of regional mini-WiMAX network in Moscow Aprelevke in conjunction with the telecommunications system.
network itself operates in the frequency range of 2, 5-2, 7 GHz equipment for Alcatel-Lucent, certified WiMAX Forum in the standard IEEE 802. 16e-2005 (Rev-e). The base station works with the user`s devices production Zyxel and Sagem. According to the results of the test operation in view of the terrain and the existing building equipment operates stably at a distance of 5-7 km in direct view and 2, 5-3 km in the absence of direct line of sight. Thus, in addition to the network coverage of the fall Aprelevki nearby cottage villages.
Unfortunately, in an official press release no information about the cost of connections and tariffs for the use of new WiMAX-network, but on the website of the telecommunications system has such information. Thus, the connection will cost 900 rubles, as, for example, 1000 MB of traffic will cost 330 rubles. Unfortunately, not specified speed Internet access.


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