Sloeny Ply:mobile phone, printer, console and projector in one

August 12, 2008, 8:21 am

sloeny  ply:mobile phone, printer, console and projector in one 
sloeny  ply:mobile phone, printer, console and projector in one   Interestingly, the overall mobile phone from the future and regular plywood ? It seems nothing would, but it is the subject of plywood served as inspiration for Hideo Kanbara (Hideo Kanbara) from KDDI Designing Studio, who created the concept foliation mobile phone.
The new name is obliged to develop even plywood:Kanbara decided to call the phone Ply (plywood, plywood). Each layer of this high-tech new items would have its purpose. Some layer will play the role of a portable printer, the other - will turn the device in a gaming console. Thanks segments designer plans incorporated into the phone miniature projector.
Of course, Ply today can be considered only unbridled future concept, because in our time to realize the author conceived in such a tiny device will be difficult. Nevertheless, who knows, maybe the day of issue of such apparatus very close ? Let`s wait.


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