SmartFTP 3. 0. 1026:convenient FTP-client

February 26, 2009, 1:20 pm

smartftp 3. 0. 1026:convenient ftp-client   The new version of a multifunctional and convenient FTP-client. Its feature is to support the standard FXP. Due to this, end users who want to copy files from one FTP-server to another, is not valid restriction of the capacity of their own Internet connection. There is no need to download a file, to then put it on the other FTP-server. Thus, the transfer time of files depends on the speed of the connection between two remote FTP-server, which in most cases, certainly more than the user.
Among other features of the program include working with the command line, support for secure connection (TLS/SSL), a protocol supporting IPv6, the opportunity to connect to multiple servers simultaneously, queue and download an unlimited number of simultaneous streams, support for UTF-8 and international domain names , a tool for backup module to track updates on the links.
The latest version adds the possibility of batch renaming of files, re-elected browser links, reduced consumption of CPU resources, changes in the interface in a browser search add local resources.
Developer:SmartFTP Distributed:shareware OS:Windows All Size 9, 3 MB, you can Download here.


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