Smartphone Chairman of Ulysse Nardin in avtopodzavodom

March 11, 2009, 11:32 am

smartphone chairman of ulysse nardin in avtopodzavodom   Mobile phones quiet sapoy gradually ousted from the hands of the users a lot of gadgets, more recently, the former a necessary attribute of modern humans. Most of all, perhaps, got wrist clock. But the time of the master is not so easy to surrender, and the sale of mobile phones there are in the form of bracelets or a high-precision mechanics built into the phone itself. In anticipation of the exhibition of jewelry BaselWorld 2009 a Swiss manufacturer of elite timers Ulysse Nardin Chairman announced a smartphone with a built rotary kinetic generator to recharge the batteries, like avtopodzavoda mechanical movement.
the details of the new manufacturer has not yet been disclosed, merely a statement of the existence of several unique components of the model, never used before. In addition, the manufacturer promises to work in any phone network, and a great value machine.


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