Smartphone as a tool for diagnosing a car

April 28, 2009, 5:13 pm

smartphone as a tool for diagnosing a car 
smartphone as a tool for diagnosing a car   There has been growing and growing range of tasks for which we use a smartphone or communicator. Company OBDKey offers the same wireless device for diagnosing a vehicle with your smartphone to Windows Mobile. A small device with a Bluetooth module is connected to the standard diagnostic connector of the vehicle OBD-II (equipped with almost all models from 1996).
When you in the smartphone or communicator application of a set OBDKey, avtovladelets may at any time to monitor the engine operating mode or define the problem. The results of diagnosis can be saved in a file for statistics or for further consultation with the specialist. The cost of OBDKey is about 100 euros.


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