In sneer:comparison with the Eee PC Aspire one

October 6, 2008, 10:00 am

   At the German site eeepcneews. de appeared curious vividly illustrated booklet, which compares netbukov ASUS Eee PC 1000H/HA with mysterious competitor A ***** 1 (as easy to guess that encryption is hidden under the Acer Aspire one). In that this piece of advertising art (or rather black PR) is the work of ASUSTeK Computer, we very much doubt. Maybe someone just decided poveselit people.
Let`s try to figure out whether netbuk Acer has no chance against the Eee PC. Well, first of all, is it correct to compare the products of different price ranges ? If the Eee PC 1000H worth more than $ 600 (according to the price. Ru), the price of Aspire one starts with a mark of about $ 450. In overseas online stores these variations are a little less, but agree, the difference is more than impressive. Secondly, the advantage of larger screen (10, 2 to 8, 9) is doubtful. After all, both have the same display resolution of 1024h600 pixels, and smaller screen makes the Aspire one is much more compact (and for the device, which accounts for all time to carry with them is an important plus). Judge for yourself, size Aspire one - 249x179x29 mm and the Eee PC 1000H/HA - 266h191, 3h38 mm (about a centimeter thick !).
Statement of inconvenience keyboard and tachpada Aspire one is also questionable. It all depends on the preferences of the user, for example, our chief editor said keyboard netbuka Acer positive assessment, and sensory manipulation neergonomichnym design, in which keys are located on the sides, called a user-friendly.
As for the noise and heating - according to our test testing, Aspire one is not only beneficial to competitors on the level of heating, but also operates almost silently.
Yet, with some provisions, we agree. For example, the battery Aspire one really is his weakness - is still 2-2, 5 hours of autonomous work on modern standards malovato. A major drawback is the lack of Bluetooth-module. Nor will argue that the Eee PC 1000H proved to be more productive than the Aspire one. Yet we note that in the testing netbukov sponsored promotional booklet attended a copy of Aspire one with the entire 512 MB of RAM, while Acer has long offers a model with 1 GB of memory.


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