Soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven sequel obzavedetsya

April 17, 2009, 3:55 pm

soccer rpg inazuma eleven sequel obzavedetsya   There is a DS for this wonderful game of Inazuma Eleven. This is a very cool mix of football and RPG in the entourage animeshnyh characters and fun music. The project came in the summer of 2008, but before our latitudes never reached. At the moment the game is only available in Japanese.
Meanwhile, the home entertainment was a great success, because of what the creators of Professor Layton studio Level-5 quickly organized a sequel, which promises to release the first in October 2009. At this time, team players to be brave battle with the enemy players from another planet. The name of the project Inazuma Eleven 2:The Threat Of The Invader.
very much hope that the second part of Inazuma Eleven did go outside of Japan. It may be that containment will be taken for Atlus ?


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