Some details of End of Eternity

April 15, 2009, 1:58 pm

   Recently, tri-Ace and SEGA have announced a new console role-playing game End of Eternity (EoE). The first product information has been published in Japanese magazine Famitsu, but later on the official website of the publication posted a more detailed story about this product. In addition, the network showed a short, but terribly pafosny tizer.
This project is developed in a huge megalopolis Bazel. The main heroes of EoE were 17-year-old mercenary Zephyr, 26-year-old retired military Vashyron and 19-year-old girl Test Subject No. 20. She escaped from some laboratory. Bazel city itself is also a kind of treatment plants, which is trying to rid the Earth of environmentally hazardous materials.
In Bazel very noticeable divide between rich and poor. Representatives of these classes live on different floors of the city. In each area there are specific locations where the battles are random. The game is kind of a third person. Battles take place in the semi-step-by-step mode. The draft goes on Xbox 360 and PS3 this winter. Looks very cool.



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