Some features of action Batman:Arkham Asylum

February 3, 2009, 1:58 pm

some features of action batman:arkham asylumsome features of action batman:arkham asylumsome features of action batman:arkham asylum 
some features of action batman:arkham asylum   Kotaku staff managed 20 minutes to play Batman:Arkham Asylum - brand new game on adventure Batman. The project promises to be extremely interesting. It involved many actors, voice-comic characters in the cartoon, to write a story attached arm of writers Lost, but the gameplay is a mixture of занятную action and stelsa.
To be more precise, the game process can be divided into three regimes:a study fights and stealth/hunting. In the beginning, until the enemy had not yet armed with automatic weapons, everything goes fairly easy, but as soon as the villains become more dangerous, we must proceed with caution.
when you`re on the same scene is up to 20 people, we need to be alert. Journalists say that the project is not completely linear. Access to certain locations will be opened only after obtaining a certain subject. For each of the prisoners have thought a special biography, so you will always know who has just knockout.
It is extremely interesting. We are looking forward to Arkham Asylum this summer on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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