For the Son of the father combined 17 GeForce GTX 295 for a project Folding @ home

April 10, 2009, 9:04 am

for the son of the father combined 17 geforce gtx 295 for a project folding @ home   Distributed computing project Folding @ home was launched on 1 October 2000 to explore the winding down of proteins and their improper winding down. The aim of the project one - to understand the causes of diseases that are caused by defective proteins. Such diseases предостаточно, for example, cancer, disease Creutzfeldt - Jakob, alzheimer, Parkinson. Many users are involved in this project, teams from the CIS have made strong gains. Today`s story about how a man named Jason Fargo (Jason Farqu # 233;), whose nickname Atlas Folder, wants to help society cope with Huntington`s disease.
Huntington Disease (Huntington Disease) - this is genetic diseases of the nervous system. Life since the appearance of first symptoms is about 15-20 years. Man dies from complications that arise in connection with Huntington`s disease. A Jason Fargo ailment suffered such a father. And it is to help science to cope with the disease, created a server-based graphics adapters 17 GeForce GTX 295 MSI production and EVGA. He used MSI motherboards based on AMD 790FX Quad processors and AMD Phenom X4 9550. According to Jason Fargo approximate power consumption collected by the server is about 7 kW.
One can assume, however бегала playing Crysis on this configuration. We are calm, not commingled card technology SLI. A small video which shows the work of a computing farm is presented below.
It should be recalled that the company is intent on the NVIDIA display adapters teach their model to calculate the winding down of proteins expressed even with the advent of GeForce GTX 280 and GeForce GTX 260. According to the developers, GTX 280 will allow the participants to Folding @ home to reach five times the advantages of the PlayStation 3.


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