Songbird 1. 1. 2 - open source rival iTunes

April 13, 2009, 10:45 am

songbird 1. 1. 2 - open source rival itunes   Updated the player with the open source Songbird, which is positioned as an alternative to iTunes. Interestingly, the player is based on the same technology as the web browser Firefox. The main difference between this program from existing applications is that it aims to play music files from your hard drive, and from the Internet. However, it is not limited to any selected sources as iTunes, and works with all sites that offer music services. Through open architecture, users can define the look of the program, write add-ons and add options.
The latest version fixes.
Developer:POTI Distribution:free Operating system:Windows XP/Vista, Linux, Mac OS X Size 13 MB Download from here you can.


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