Sony and Seiko Epson of the joint production of displays

March 15, 2009, 9:59 am

   The Japanese company Seiko Epson and Sony officially notified about the negotiations with the aim of production, and in the future - and the RD capacity for the manufacture of LCD displays for small and medium-sized diagonals. Despite the signing of final documents scheduled in June, now Sony, as a first step, announced the start of the procurement of equipment for the production of displays Seiko Epson.
The Alliance, which in a sense can be considered as a transport business in the Epson Sony, is planned within the framework of plans for restructuring and reorganization of units to produce LCD displays both companies, but no financial details of the forthcoming transaction has not yet been disclosed. However, among other news about changes in the company is also worth mentioning the fact that Seiko Epson odoy planned closure of its Japanese factories for the production of semiconductors, as well as one of the factories to produce LCD displays in central Japan, concentrating production at another factory, and thus achieve a return to profitability.
The creation of the alliance can help to more fully utilize facilities at the existing Sony Epson Imaging Technology for the production of TFT panels based on amorphous polycrystalline silicon. On the other hand, Epson will have access to the development of Sony Mobile Display.
According to DisplaySearch, a company Sony is currently located on the eighth row of the world`s leading production of LCD panels with a small diagonal, taking up 4, 8% of the market;Seiko Epson is the seventh stochku 7, 3% market share.


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