Sony Bio Battery renewed power

March 3, 2009, 11:49 am

sony bio battery renewed power 
sony bio battery renewed power   In the framework of which took place last week of International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Expo (FC Expo 2009), the company Sony has demonstrated a biological battery, generating electricity in the process of decomposition of glucose by the action of enzymes.
The first prototype biobatareyki was introduced by Sony in August 2007, but the first experimental version of dimensions 39 x 39 x 39 mm, with tanks of electrolyte of 40 cubic centimeters generated only about 50 megawatts of energy. Presented at the FC Expo 2009 updated version of the batteries, according to the company, has twice the capacity of the unit - up to 2, 5 mW per cubic centimeter.
Schematically, the process of obtaining electricity Sony bio battery can be described as follows:first, near the positive electrode glucose cleaved enzymes to the electrons and hydrogen ions. Then, hydrogen ions move toward the negative electrode through a special delimiter, and the electrons move toward the cathode through an external circuit. Near the negative electrode oxygen absorbed from the air, in the presence of the catalyst interacts with hydrogen ions and electrons to the anode, to result in the water.
To increase the power density generated in the electrochemical reactions, scientists have used Sony batteries with improved versions of two new developments. The first is related to more careful selection of conductive material used for the negative electrode. The second improvement relates to fluid conducting hydrogen ions, for this is Sony picked up the liquid, pH is changed slightly, and the reaction thus proceeds steadily.
Thus, a battery with the electrolyte 28 cubic centimeters achieved 70 mW power, twice the rate of the density of the previous prototype (50 mW in the volume of electrolyte 40 cu. cm). And if the past for power MP3 player Sony NW-E407 Flash Memory required to connect up to four battery life, the new version for feeding Walkman player with an external sound system required a total of three batteries. Moreover, as an example to stand has been demonstrated biobatarei work, where the electrolyte used Coca-Cola, and one in such a cell was sufficient for the engine a small fan.
Unfortunately, no least the approximate timing of the commercialization of this exciting development at Sony have not yet been called. Obviously, until the batteries on the shelves of biological technology will be even more significant improvement.


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