Sony created a powerful red laser diode

August 16, 2008, 11:22 am

sony created a powerful red laser diode   The company Sony reported on the development of high semiconductor laser diode emitting electromagnetic waves 635 nanometers in length - red laser diode. According to the producer, planned to use such devices as a source of red light in modern digital projectors. The most interesting feature of semiconductor devices is his highest to date, optical power - 7, 2 watts.
device itself is a very small device about 10 mm in length, with construction involves the formation of a laser diode array emitter total number of 25 pieces. For cooling device used copper base, play the role of heat, and for the formation of semiconductor structures used three solid solution aluminum-indium-phosphorus high degree of purification.
Technical specifications red laser diode are:
  • working current 14 Amper;
  • operating voltage 2, 2 Volt;
  • efficiency of energy conversion is 23%;
  • vertical and horizontal angles differences -- 42 degrees and 10 degrees respectively.


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