Sony dominates Japanese game retail

March 23, 2009, 1:12 pm

sony dominates japanese game retail 
sony dominates japanese game retail   Gamasutra reports that last week`s Japanese charts once again dominated the game for the console Sony. Six projects from the first PlayStation and helped dozens of SCE to catch up. In the first place in the chart was Muso Orochi Z (Warriors Orochi Z) for the PS3.
This is a pretty interesting project, consisting of a compilation of the two PS2-projects from the famous series in Japan. In total, during the first seven days of sales were purchased about 112 thousand boxes to the countryside. Last week, the highest step in the chart ranked PS3-version of Resident Evil 5, but now it has descended to the second position with a circulation of 61 thousand copies. At the same time, the Xbox 360 version of the same game in general fall from dozens, focusing on the 12 position.
It is also worth noting that the new Resistance Retribution (PSP) made her debut at the 10 position. Interestingly, as will further develop the fate of the project.
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